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Unveiling the CHARLOTTE Cluster Tennis Necklace — a unique reinterpretation of the timeless tennis necklace, infused with a contemporary and feminine touch. This necklace, dazzling with radiant gemstone clusters, promises sparkle from every perspective. The design goes full circle with a clasp thoughtfully embellished with matching gemstones, ensuring its 360-degree wearability. The safety clasp ensures this necklace will sit securely across your neck without flipping over or accidentally coming off. To open this necklace, unhook the safety clasp, then apply light pressure to the push button on the top of the clasp. Gently pull both ends of the necklace to take it off. Reverse these instructions to properly fasten this necklace.

  • Metal: Rhodium plated over brass
  • Length: 16 inches
  • Thickness: 3.38 mm
  • Gemstone: 3 mm round cubic zirconia

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